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Beauchamp charity-Hogares con Sonrisa

27 Feb Beauchamp charity-Hogares con Sonrisa

December 2016

Home for Felix Giovanny Vado who was abandoned at the age of 8 years old.

Giovanny was born on April 25, 1990, in la Boquita- municipio de Diriamba; currently he is 25 years old. He is the youngest of five brothers; his parents raised him until the age of 8 years old when his mother died of a terrible accident. She was run over by a vehicle in the highway. After the mother died, Giovanny’s father abandoned the family.

Giovanny was taken care by different families in the community, always changing homes.

After many years passed, Giovanny’s father returned and gave him accommodation at an abandoned house (made with pieces of carton and plastic residues).


Giovanny found a partner and they had a child now 2 years old. The mother of the child abandoned Giovanny for another man and took the kid. Because Giovanny didn’t have a decent home of his own, the law gave full custody to the mother. Giovanny, once more saw his life full of sadness. Giovanny needed a decent home of his own to get half custody of the child.


Giovanny in many occasions reached out to the foundation for support and job opportunities. The foundation has always being there for him. His comments are that “Doña Monica y Don Jim” has always being there for him during difficult moments.


Giovanny is a dedicated hard working man, though he has a generally mentally disability.

Having said that, his efforts to get his own income has never stopped.

He works helping the fishermen with the boats, sometimes he works in construction helping with cleaning and minor easy tasks.

The mayor of Diriamba, with a project for people in need in this community, gave Giovanni the opportunity to own his own small piece of land with small payment contributions.

The foundation, with the Housing project going on since 2012, gave Giovanni the great news: He qualified for a new home!

With the efforts of a new fundraising by our own member Valentina Beauchamp together with her friend Ana Posada and other friends from Carrollton school of the sacred heart in Miami Florida, the foundation was able to raise the money for Giovanni’s home.

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