More than 57 million children around the world do not go to primary school. At least 250 million children cannot read or count, even if they have spent four years in school.Every child should have the chance to go to school. But it’s not just about getting them into the classroom. It’s also about making sure they are well taught and that what they learn actually improves their opportunities in life.


Without a good education, they will be less likely to get a job and will not be able to look after their families in the future. With less people being employed and more people in need of support, they will struggle to prosper, holding their own countries back and ultimately the global economy.


High quality education can change this, helping to transform countries for the benefit of us all. Quality education helps citizens work together to create strong, open institutions and societies. An extra year of good schooling lifts a country’s yearly economic growth by 1%, making poor countries richer and, in the long run, less in need of foreign aid.

Our Mission

Help local schools with safety and stronger  infrastructure

Get more children through school and improve the  quality of their education.

Help children stay in school, a major problem in Nicaragua

Through the program we provide books and other supplies for students and teachers.

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