What is the issue, problem, or challenge?

Because of the overwhelming poverty many families and children do not have the means to have suitable housing.

Eighty percent of the Nicaraguan population subsists on less than US$2 per day, and 43 percent on less than US$1 a day. In a country of more than five million habitants, there are many situations that affect the housing situation. HABITAT FOR HUMANITY

How will BCF project help solve this problem?

  • Even though our foundation is small, we strive to help these communities in need. We concentrate in few projects, rather than trying to get too much in our hands. Our Housing project is one of most needed projects, after education in these communities.
  • Our projects are small but “THEY” make a big difference, one good deed at a time.
    • 2012 – we built 3 homes for the poor
    • 2013 – we built 3 homes for the poor
    • 2014 – we built 4 homes for the poor
    • 2015 – We built 5 homes for the poor
    • 2016-  We built 2 homes for the poor


But we need your help – please make this dream a reality DONATE NOW

Potential Long Term Impact

Help us end the cycle of despair, one good deed at a time, poverty and homelessness and bring out smiles in these innocent children’s faces and give them a safe heaven to call home. A safe HOME!

With the help of Global Giving, we built 3 HOMES for the poor in 2012. We raised $6,000.00 (81 donations in total).




GlobalGiving Visits Beauchamp Foundation

By Clinton Misamore – Field Program Officer

 The Beauchamp Foundation is an iconic case of someone giving back to their community even if they no longer live there.  Monica Belli-Beauchamp started the foundation in 1998 but has been living in the United States much longer than that.  It was evident from speaking with her that she was passionate about providing support to her fellow countrymen and women.  The Beauchamp Foundation was a direct result of that passion.


The funding that was raised through this Global Giving project literally CHANGED a families life in Nicaragua.  The Beauchamp staff in Nicaragua have already established a solid foundation with the La Boquita community and are planning on scaling these operations up if they can receive enough funding.


In addition to building houses, Beauchamp foundation provides construction for the school, scholarships for the students, environmental community activities, and a variety of other programs to assist members of the La Boquita community.  They also have unique competitions that get the community engaged and active such as the annual surfing tournament.


I think Beuchamp Foundation is an amazing organization.  I would strongly encourage anyone to give to this cause.  There remains much work to be done in the La Boquita community and the school is just one example of that.


I would like to thank Monica Belli-Beauchamp for organizing my visit and for allowing me the opportunity to see the amazing work.  I would like to also give a special thanks to the Beauchamp Project Coordinators, Vilma and Glauxia.  It was a joy spending the day with you and I will certainly be encouraging volunteers to partner with your organization.