Volunteering is a life-changing experience

BCF gives you the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate through this program.

What do volunteers do?

BCF has devoted volunteers that visit from different places to help with our various projects that benefit the children and their families:

Helping with projects at schools in the area (maintenance of the local school buildings, helping children develop their educational skills, and more.)

Helping with our housing projects (building, painting)

BCF also appreciates volunteers that help children develop their unique talents, whatever they may be (e.g. math, literature, science, athletics, dancing, sewing, carpentry, cooking, gardening, etc.)

Help provide medical assistance


Volunteer Expenses: BCF does not pay for any volunteer housing, food, or travel expenses. When a volunteer travels to Nicaragua, the expenses are the responsibility of the volunteer.

BCF will help you plan your trip to Nicaragua from the beginning until you finish your volunteer job. You can mix your volunteer time with some touring of Nicaragua. We are happy to help you plan your trip.


All BCF volunteers will be required to read and sign the Safety Guidelines, Rules of Conduct, and the BCF Liability Waiver form upon arrival.

Volunteering with us is contingent upon the forms being signed and turned in before you begin your volunteer job. Our ultimate goal is for all volunteers to have a safe and rewarding volunteer experience!


You do not need special skills nor do you have to speak Spanish.

Most of our international volunteers have no previous experience and speak very little Spanish. Enjoy full support and 24-hour back up from our on-site staff.


The volunteer application process is very straightforward! Send us the details that we’ll need from you to consider your application:

Once your application has been received, assuming we are able to accommodate you, we will send you a written confirmation of your application and your requested placement will be secured before your arrival.


BCF accepts applications from all prospective volunteers, regardless of their age. We ask that all volunteer under the age of 18 present written permission from their parent/guardian. We encourage and promote family volunteering.